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Isle of Man Sales Ltd
Beech House 19B Arlington Drive Nottingham NG3 5EN
Fax 0115 9105 925 E-mail Website
Registered in England No 2111541

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Manx Postage Stamps
Isle of Man stamps priced significantly below face value are our speciality.
Our supplies originate from Isle of Man Post Office (or sales agents) and are provided in appropriate format to enable Manx residents to make efficient and economical use of the postal service.

We sell stamps in Packs - go to the STAMP PACKS page -
or we sell stamps per 100 as below .

There is also a summary of the most popular prices on the

For full information on what we offer, with prices,
print off our four-page brochure (in PDF format) -
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Below are our prices per 100
for the 45p Letter and 95p Large Letter (under 100g) Rates